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A vibrant, open feel for this busy pediatric dental office

A Dentist With a Story

A Dentist With a Story

We created a vibrant, open feel for this busy pediatric dental office.

We decided to take patients “around the world” depending on the room they’re in.  With a limited budget, we employed color, graphics, fabrics, and laminate flooring to help brighten the space and tell a story.

About this Project

From the Amazon to Italy, London to Mexico, Egypt and Africa, children of all ages are able to  “travel” around the globe from their dental chair.  For instance, toddlers get to visit Africa with cheetah carpet, giant boulders – created from vinyl fabrics that are durable and easily cleaned – and even a “tree” they can crawl under.

The reception area, focusing on London, offers a red phone booth, large Union Jack rug, video games and swivel bouncy chairs.

Visiting the dentist can seem a bit scary at times, so we were thrilled to offer a fun, exciting space for their little patients.





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