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Transitional Elegance

In this home, we utilized a neutral palette with paint, stained concrete, tile and marble. We then added pieces of art, antiques, and even pink wallpaper on the ceiling in the dining room.

Pattern Meets Color

We changed the “bones” throughout the lower public areas and were responsible for the cabinet design, counters, backsplashes, lighting, paint selections, tile, and wood floors. We also refinished both fireplaces, including creating a new design.

Traditional Sophistication

Wallpaper, fabric and warm wood tones were utilized to add color and texture in each space.  We added wallpaper to the ceiling of several rooms, including the dining room, which offered a touch of shimmer and elegance to a traditional setting.

Artistic Farmhouse

The client who owns this home, not only loves art, but creates it as well. Because they entertain quite often, they wanted an eclectic look that was interesting, but functional and useable.

Light & Modern Home

Paxton Place Design entered into this project at the beginning of the building process. This allowed us to help the homeowner with the countless questions and decisions that arise when building a new home. What tile would you like? What about the hardware? Paint color?

Contemporary Family

Interior design isn’t typically about starting from scratch. Often, clients have a budget that limits what you can do. In other situations, like this one, the client collected art and we wanted to include it in a thoughtful way.

Luxurious Condo

The influence of this space is French moderne, allowing an elegant yet casual look that the client can actually live in. You’ll note the cream palette throughout which creates a streamlined, peaceful effect.  We utilized pale, French blue accents in the living spaces, and continued

Traditional with a Twist

Like so many of us, this client loves art. Not only do they have a number of interesting pieces, they also create their own art. It was important that we feature various pieces throughout the house, so we utilized simple backgrounds allowing the art to

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